Friday, June 3, 2016

Charmstruck Vintage Clothing & Accessories is Now On Etsy

A few years back, I started Charmstruck as a blog for thrifters. My main goal was to share my love of thrifting with others, and to hopefully help encourage one or two towards secondhand fashion as an eco-friendly and ethical shopping alternative. It was also a way for me to combat the homesickness I was struggling with at the time. This blog gave me the distraction I needed, and also led to other wonderful opportunities, opportunities I had never expected such as a career and new friends. Eventually the Charmstruck blog helped rid of my homesickness completely, and guided me towards more confidence, and that new found confidence created wonderfully positive things for me.

One of which was Charmstruck Vintage, my small and charming shop now on Etsy, featuring vintage clothing and accessories for women and kids. My mission for Charmstruck is still the same: to establish a home for that which other's have set aside. There is so much unique beauty to be found in vintage & discarded items; I like leading people to discovering the quality cast-off that just happens to be everything they've been looking for, that just happens to be just their size. It brings meaning back to fashion; that feeling of: this was meant for me.

If you check Charmstruck Vintage out and like what you see, please give my shop a follow, and thank you in advance! Charmstruck Vintage is also on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all of which are great ways to stay up-to-date on Charmstruck's latest finds and fashions. 

Also, if you live in or near Waukesha, WI feel free to message me on Etsy if you would like to try any items on or if you would like to schedule an order pickup to avoid a shipping fee, I am always more than happy to help!

Thanks for stopping by & visiting my new vintage shop!
Jacqueline Lee

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