Monday, May 2, 2011

Thrift Shoes: Three's a Charm

Most days my thrift wanderings result in nothing too exciting, but every now and then the stars align and I find things in beautiful abundance. This weekend was overly abundant. That I-feel-like-I-should-feel-guilty, kind of abundant. I bought my years worth of heels in one day. Yet, I feel no guilt-ridden negativity, because these pretty thrift things have blinded me and put a goofball grin on my face.

To avoid any future guilt, let's place blame...

I'm gonna have to point fingers at the colors. Clearly it is their fault entirely, sitting on the shelves all brand new and bright, flaunting their cheeriness, while making unspoken promises of ending the perpetual gloom that has overtaken Minneapolis...if it wasn't for all the vibrant, enthralling colors I would be a much stronger person.  I would NOT have purchased the amount of dress shoes I buy within a year if there hadn't been all the pretty colors!

They were all thrift temptress cheap, too, even Cleopatra would have swooned...and I think that says a lot.

Oh! And the size! I blame the size.

All size 8? Oh my god, I didn't stand a chance, did I?

Who we really can blame is Johnathan.

You see, it started with the green heels; obviously they stand out in a crowd. Then I saw the red Steve Madden heels and truly got excited because I have a black pair of them at home, and they've always been a comfy favorite; they don't feel like heels at all.  I was done shopping. It was decided - I was going to get the red heels and only the red heels.

But then there was Johnathan, practically placing all 6 feet of himself on my left shoulder..."You should get them both!" and then seconds later exclaiming, "Look at these!" as he dangled a pair of purple strap Gap wedges before me...and then a gray pair of heels trimmed in yellow. A devilishly handsome grin spread across his face; I should have turned away, but being that strong, well, it just isn't any fun.

So I tried them all on. Each and every temptress. Of course they all fit.

I once again declared I'd be getting just the ONE pair, but then Johnathan said what every girl would want him to say, "But, I really like that green pair." (me too!) "And those purple ones, I know you'd wear those a lot." (i would!)

That's when I stood for a solid 5 minutes staring at my thrift train of shoes, listening to both the good Jacqueline, and the bad.  The Good Jacqueline knows I've never purchased that many shoes in a day - in my life. I estimate I might buy one pair of heels a year, like the Polka Dot Steve Madden pair I love so much.  I also wear them not only with dresses, but jeans too. I take them to more than one ball, so to say. The Bad Jack knows this and was milking it for all it was worth: you could sleep in them, wear them with a robe; ladies in the 50's did that, right? You could wear 'em everywhere, everyday; heels are the new tennis shoe - minus the comfort - how could you not want them?! A sexy lady deserves sexy heels!

....the bad me is always so flattering.
Bad boys are, too.

In the past I have admitted I am spoiled, and I am here to admit it again. I decided on one pair. I honestly did. But Johnathan then decided to buy the other two pairs of heels for me. At the checkout counter he still had that devilishly handsome grin on his face.

It's not my fault I picked a great boyfriend is it? Pretty sure we could blame that on him anyways...

Red: Steve Madden, Purple: Gap (never worn), Green: Unknown (never worn)

Besides, they always say every girl likes a bad boy, and they also always say three's a charm.
It's not my fault I listen well, is it?? ;)

I'm just a Charmstruck girl living in a charm-filled world, and my closet's a little brighter because of it.

At least I turned away the gray pair, the black pair and the brown pair...I still sorta, kinda got a grip on things, right? Lol

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  1. Jonathan should obviously be severely punished! By erm, having to to come out with you every time you shop? He sounds like a good one! Great shoes too ;-)

  2. Ha, you know what, he actually loves thrifting. Sometimes it's his idea to go. So I do believe your punishment will suit his crime well: Every time I shop he will HAVE to come with me (who knows, maybe he'll be bad and buy me something...) ;) Lol
    He is quite the catch.
    Thanks, Lakota!

  3. I absolutely love and want that purple pair!!!

  4. I love thrifting shoes. Especially if I can find old quirky pairs that have been very gently used.

    There are all kinds of things that we pay for that we can make ourselves quite easily. Other than vanilla extract, making "Italian" dressing at home is one of my favorites because you can adjust it until it's just exactly the right taste.

  5. Yes, I do love when the shoe is already slightly broken in for me!

    And since my family is Italian, I learned at a young age about making things at home, especially Italian dressing (delic!). I was happy to read you were making vanilla extract, tho, because I never, ever thought of that. Now I just have to try it!

  6. Such a cute story! Three pairs of heels in one day and all fabulous colors. - Wow! Cool boyfriend - he sounds much like my hubby. He's a keeper and I'm so glad the previous owner of those shoes didn't think they were keepers. You win. : )

  7. You know, should you struck by buyer's remorse, you can send them to me. LOL. I am size 8, as well! I love the red one! :)


  8. Wish I'd been with you. I'm a size 8, too. Wait, then we might have been fighting each other for them.

  9. Oh, there were so many beautiful size 8 shoes there, you would've been in heaven! Normally size 8 is kinda picked over, so this was my lucky day!

    Sounds like I should do a size 8, sassy shoe giveaway sometime soon! :)...that way Gram Goodwill n I won't have to brawl Lol ;)

  10. JOnathan is definitely a keeper! Love the sandals esp the green ones.

    This post made me smile. A lot! Love from your newest follower xx.