Friday, April 15, 2011

Secondhand Sheer Shirt

Few weeks ago I thrifted this sweet navy and cream sheer top by Charlotte Russo for $3.

Snapping pictures of yourself without a large mirror is tricky business! But, I'm just wearing this top with some dark blue jeans and dainty, plain flats.  I also paired this top with the bird necklace I thrifted awhile ago since the vine pattern fits the meadow-like feel perfectly.

And here is what the beautifully detailed back of it looks like:

It makes me think of summer fields...

And dandelion wishes I've sent on the wind.

Which are wonderful thoughts to have on a chilly, gloomy, supposed "Spring" day. ;)  Hope you all have a wonderfully fun weekend!

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  1. What a pretty top, it really suits you. Good find! I really need to get around to photographing all the clothes I've found recently - I got a Galliano dress a couple of weeks ago for £6! (am in the UK)

    Always nice to meet a fellow thrifter - am following now. Pop over and say hi!
    Lakota x

  2. Thank you very much, Lakota! My wardrobe is about 85% thrift, so I know what you mean about getting around to sharing...I have so many things I want to share on here! It's always a matter of taking the time to photograph them though; I don't tend to really think about it until the sun goes down, and then I'm left with inadequate lighting.
    I look forward to seeing your Galliano dress, (I'm an absolute freak for a pretty thrift dress!).

    Thanks for following, it always makes my day!

  3. Oh that's super cute! Very summery!

  4. Thanks! I think my mentality is: If I dress like summer, summer will come quickly. So far it isn't working here in MN, Lol :)