Friday, January 7, 2011

Thrift Necklace Gone Poetic

Yesterday, I stopped into Steeple People's Surplus Store (MN) because it was across the street from The Wedge grocery store (yup, even grocery shopping leads to thrifting). I always peruse thrift stores whenever the opportunity presents itself, but I don't buy whenever the opportunity presents itself, which is key to being truly thrifty. Thrifting is like hunting and gathering: you need to checkout the territory to find what you are in need of. Along with knowing the territory, comes knowledge of the sweet spots and the deals: holiday sales, buy one get one free days, fill a bag for $5, student discount days, 75% off storewide sales,colored dot discounts -- on already cheap prices! So I can't help but scan the territory when I'm a few footsteps away with time to spare.

Plus, I did find a little something for myself yesterday.  A necklace; a golden teardrop shaped pendant with a raised pattern of vines, and a tiny silver bird angled in flight atop it.

 I found it to be simplistically beautiful, and it brought to mind the poem by Emily Dickinson that I have tattooed on my back:

 "Hope is the thing with feathers/ That perches in the soul/ And sings the tune without the words/ And never stops at all."
This particular necklace just captivates me; I keep wanting to look at it. <3

Did I mention it was only a $1.00? All the eye-catching jewelry on Steeple People's left wall is only $1.00-- Jewelry Feign Heaven. I don't usually buy myself jewelry, but the sparkly dollar wall dragged me in.Once home, the little silver bird actually came loose, but a teeny dab of Gorilla Glue took care of that in seconds.
Hope Perches in the Soul

Silver Bird
Today I wore it for mine and Johnathan's lunch date, and I know I will be wearing it often; for just a buck this necklace sure goes with everything!
That gray Gap sweater was a $4 Steeple People find too, by the way!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Beautiful post, and I love that you bought the necklace out of emotion and love for the poetry of Emily Dickinson. What beautiful words. Thank you for sharing and unveiling a little bit of you to your readers.

    Love the sweater too. Mesmerizing photograph.

  2. Thanks for letting us share, Kris!

    I just wish my camera was working better; it's somewhat broken and didn't capture the tiny necklace as well as one would hope. Although, the glowing quality of the photographs did work well with the poem, so it all worked out :)