Monday, April 4, 2011

Thrift Attic to Basement: Japanese Tea Set

So not too long ago, I wrote a post about wanting to find an enamel teapot. I have not managed to find my thrifty enamel teapot, yet, but what I did not realize at the time of that post is that I do own a beautiful tea set...and more. I discovered it down in the basement.

This very box held my "new" Japanese tea set. It was buried under a pile of fake flowers and plants (which do not interest me). I would have assumed that's all the box had to offer, but my mom pulled it out, asking me if I was interested in keep my Grandma's set...

Was I!?!
What's hiding inside of that rolled newspaper is absolutely stunning! If I had seen these items in a thrift shop, I would have bolted at them like a feign! Instead, I got them for free!

Blue is my favorite color, so I couldn't ask for a more perfect set! I'm in vintage love! My Grandma Jones loved Japanese style, and most of her collectibles, like the Basement Lipstick Lady, were made in Japan.  I've come to understand that this tea set and the Japanese soup bowls to follow, were purchased by my Grandma from San Francisco's infamous Chinatown when she was younger.

Here are my "new" Japanese soup bowls that we're also bundled within that box:
There are five of the Japanese bowls, featuring a powerful, red dragon on one side, and a swirling rooster design on the other.  Each spoon (there are four, one must have broken), has the dragon symbol. What I like most about this soup bowl set, is the bright yellow cackle.  I can't wait to make some homemade Eggdrop Soup and slurp from those fancy spoons!

I never knew a soup bowl could express such sheer power, but these certainly do.

All of these basement items were in perfect condition, other than a small chip on the spout of my Grandma's teapot. I plan on using the cups and bowls, but I feel wary of using the teapot at all...we'll see. The teapot does have an infuser in it's spout, so it would be pretty nice to try it out, perhaps on a very special occasion.

Who would have guessed all that vintage beauty was inside that skimpy, hidden box?? I'm grateful my Grandma had such wonderful taste!

If you'd like to admire some more modern Japanese dish sets, Van, from Thrift Core recently shared her thrifted Japanese collection, as well. It's pretty cool, and features cute kitty art, so check it out: Thrifted Collections: Japanese Cups and Bowls.

My basement tea set just goes to show that sometimes we already have what we want...and it's quite the discovery.

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  1. beautiful blue tea set
    thanks for sharing

  2. The best possessions are those passed down generations. Beautiful designs - you and your grandmother have great taste!

    Thanks for stopping by and I'm so happy you gave the wall mirror your nod of approval. I'm so caught in the modern era and 70's, which is not very popular where we live.

    Take care!

  3. I love these sets- both so perfectly vintage and pretty. Thank you for linking to my blog, too :)

  4. Thanks you guys! I was so excited to show these off...I can't believe they were hiding in the basement all these years. Japanese style,both vintage and modern, is absolutely eye-catching! Thrifting at home has proven to be as surprising and spontaneous as my favorite thrift shops.

  5. Love your story and how sweet to have your grandmother's things to treasure. Thanks for linking to Share the Love Wednesday!

  6. Now I'm craving Japanese food. Lovely post!

  7. Oh, I know, Tara! I look at these bowls and get all excited about eating a good meal. Udon noodles have been on my mind........:)

  8. oh i remember the lipstick lady post! this is a nice post in the same line. i'm with tara, thanks for the craving! :P