Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cute Stove Looking for a Hot Teapot

At all times I have in my head a tiny thrift wish list, a few specific items I've placed patience on in order to find them secondhand.  If an item is on my thrift list, I will not cave and buy it retail. Most of my material wishes make it to the thrift list; not many material things in this life are urgent. One item that is on my thrift wish list is a retro teapot, or any enamel teapot that tugs my heartstrings.  My only real criteria for this thrift teapot I am trying to find is that it be a kettle and please my dreamy eye.

Daydream of my retro kitchen, teapot included
Cutie in need of a hot teapot

In my imaginary kitchen, I always see a quaint, verging on cute stove with an adorable teapot atop it.  Now that I drink tea almost every evening, I truly do desire a teapot that is more than decorative.  It's funny that I developed a liking for tea in the last year, I used to only drink tea if I was sick or eating Chinese food, and then one day my adult tongue started thinking, Tea! A spot of tea is what we need! And so it came to be.

I have stumbled upon a few potential teapots, but they haven't been The One. Common problems have been: they're too chipped, out of my price approval, or the inside has rusted.  But I know that I will find my teapot soon, my Mrs. Potts is out there, I just need to find her.   

Red & Aqua. Brilliant & Beautiful.

This teapot would be ideal and it is available on Etsy here, except I'm determined to thrift hunt my own, the buy always feels more meant to be. This teapot is pretty cute, though. I do have an unwavering crush on aqua and red together, but I'm pretty set on meeting my match in a thrift store. I'm pretty confidant I'll find something just as cute and not have to pay shipping or waste packaging.
Fingers crossed! xx

And how perfect is this teapot tea infuser for a Charmstruck girl?

Sigh. Hopefully I'll find my teapot in time for the tea party. I haven't been invited to one yet, but it'll happen. *hinthinthint*

Excuse my many imaginings today, I'm sick in bed and this is all making me feel much, much better. :)


  1. adorable teapot and strainer. i used to have one of those same strainers, but minus all the little charms dangling off it. cute! and i love me a good cuppa tea :)

  2. I can't wait to find the teapot I really want. As for the infuser, I think I'm going to buy a simple one and add my own little kitchen charms to it. Why not? :)