Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Three Simple Resolutions

Normally I don’t develop a New Year Resolution. Never been my thing. Each year I just get my midnight kiss and hug family and friends with the constant idea of being better and trying my best.  Keeping things vague but positive has always helped guide my years along.  However, after reading Thrift Core's simple list of three resolutions, I decided that I could make 2011 a little more complicated with a few specifics myself. 

My New Year Resolution List:

1) Eat more locally grown, organic food.

2)  Learn to be craftier and repurpose ugly items back to pretty. I especially want to learn how to work a sewing machine with skill.

3)Last but far from least, I would like to establish a sense of “home” by the close of 2011. 

This year will be full of large life changes (new job, big move), so it will be important to keep my wits about me and keep a sense of calm.  I definitely believe that living an artistic and healthy life will help carry me through any rough bumps the year may bring. I kind of like having a list this year. These things will only enrich my life, and by writing them down I feel that much closer to accomplishing them. Thank you, Thrift Core, for the encouragement!

It never hurts to reflect on what one wants or needs, it only clears away some of the madness each month can bring.

Hope you enjoyed the holidays with your family and friends!

If you have a blog, feel free to create your own list of three and link to Thrift Core with the cute button above!


  1. Thanks for joining the tag! I agree, being crafty and embracing art keeps me sane. I don't create lines of stuff to sell anymore, but I always make time for my favorite art events. Decorating my home counts as far for me, too :)

    Good luck in 2011!

  2. Jacqueline: Damn blogger, it messed up my code for the owl button. I went in and fixed it. You can copy and paste the code now and it will work!

    Thank you for joining the pledge :)

  3. Your list is very sweet and quite humble. You've got me thinking about resolutions now; I hadn't thought of making any. Enjoy the New Year.